20-Year Full Replacement Warranty

Poly-Stone Planters, as manufacturer, warrants this product, POLY-STONE PLANTERS, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of up to TWENTY YEARS from the date of purchase by the original user, providing all the terms of this warranty are met.

TERMS: Poly-Stone Planters will:
1. Repair or replace the defective Poly-Stone Planter or part thererof.
2. Repair or replace planters damaged by weather related issues including: wind, rain, hail, freeze/thaw, UV damage and salt spray.

3. Be responsible for repair or replacement of defective planter or part only and will not be liable for any direct, incidental, or consequential damages, loss or injury arising from the use of this product.
4. Offer no other warranty, expressed of implied, other than those herein written.

Warranty defects do not include:
a. Material abrasions or breakage due to misuse, intentional or otherwise.
b. Minor cosmetic color changes. 
c. Vandalism.

1. Cut off, complete and return to the manufacturer the warranty registration form. KEEP THE WARRANTY!
2. Be responsible for freight costs from the customer to the manufacturer for repair or replacement work.
3. NOT paint planter or other poly-stone products with an unapproved product. Approved products include: exterior acrylic paints, Sherwin Williams or equivalent.
4. Notify the manufacturer immediately upon discovery of any defect.
5. Upon receiving any planter with a warranty claim, planter must be repackaged and immediately returned to the manufacturer unused.