About Poly-Stone Planters

Poly-Stone Planters are proudly made in the USA in Kansas City, KS., a great place to make beautiful planters. Our planters are handmade with the utmost attention to detail to ensure that our products last and look great for many years. They are the product of many years of waterproofing and liquid applied membrane experience. They are extremely lightweight and have the look of real stone.

When we entered the planter business we aimed to solve these common planter problems:

  • Weight
  • Affordability
  • UV breakdown
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Cracking/Leaking
  • Mold/ Mildew
  • Temperature Extremes: -30 degrees up to +150 degree F.
  • Separation/Freeze Thaw
  • Dirt Pick Up Resistance, Staining
  • Salt Spray

Simply put, we wanted to make a better planter. Our planters have addressed these issues so well, that we offer a 20-Year Warranty on all products.